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Rumored to hit shelves in March

Posted by Joshua Kelhoffer 8 December 2009 READ FULL POST

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Wallace and Gromit – the Academy Award (Oscar) – winning claymated pair have specially re-mastered all four of their smashing half hour specials in this complete collection! A GRAND DAY OUT Wallace likes a nice bit of cheese with his crackers, so when this eccentric inventor finds his fridge empty and the local corner shop shut for the Bank Holiday, he is forced to look further a field for his cheddar. The two modelling clay […]

Posted by Justin Wilkinson 25 October 2009 READ FULL POST

Beware the moon, lads!

Posted by Phil Heeks 3 August 2009 READ FULL POST

Is the best cover art of any home video release ever? Could be!

Posted by Phil Heeks 27 July 2009 READ FULL POST

I want it all!

Posted by Phil Heeks 26 July 2009 READ FULL POST

I love Seventies Sci-Fi. I love cheese. Put the two together and i’m in heaven (or, at least, a dystopian future). So the arrival of Logan’s Run on Blu-Ray fills me with cheesy joy. From what I can fathom the extras are thin on the ground and are the same as the ones on the DVD releases but I can’t wait to see this movie all spruced up and Jenny Agutter’s soft curves given a sharp edge….oh, do excuse me, […]

Posted by Phil Heeks 24 July 2009 READ FULL POST

Paramount Home Video has announced more Star Trek Blu Ray releases for a September 22nd release date in the US (it looks like the Region 2 editions won’t be released until November 2nd). These sets include The Next Generation films on both Blu Ray and DVD for $69.99/£64.99 and $39.99/£29.99, The Original Series: Season Two on Blu Ray for $79.99/£69.99. Also, the US is getting a DVD release of the full Original Motion Picture Collection that was released on Blu Ray […]

Posted by Joshua Kelhoffer 21 July 2009 READ FULL POST

Paramount has carved-out November 17, 2009 as the street date for the North American DVD/Blu-ray release of J.J Abrams’ popular reboot of “Star Trek.”  Trekkies, trekkers, and just plain fans alike will be able to choose from a single-disc DVD, two-disc DVD, or a three-disc Blu-ray version.   While the single-disc DVD is a fairly simple affair, the Blu-ray release will have you spending the bulk of your Thanksgiving holidays knee-deep in bells and whistles.    You can read Paramount Home Entertainment’s press release in it’s entirety at […]

Posted by Kevin Hawley 19 July 2009 READ FULL POST

A Welcome Disaster!

Posted by Phil Heeks 18 July 2009 READ FULL POST

There is indeed a fine line between clever and stupid…..and this is SO clever it’s stupid! Just when you thought you’d bought your final edition of This is Spinal Tap, it’s time to dip again, folks, with this ultimate edition box set, loaded to the perimeters of Stonehenge with bonus features and the movie on Blu-Ray. As if that wasn’t enough, the box also contains an ACTUAL Marshall amp that goes up to… know. Here are the specs: Limited edition […]

Posted by Phil Heeks 14 July 2009 READ FULL POST


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