We’ve all heard the reports about Bill Murray turning down a third spook busting adventure, but this clip MAY say otherwise. In this recent interview with Letterman he’s asked directly about the subject. His comments are at the end of the clip.

Read into that what you will. Reading between the lines of what he said – one gets the feeling he didn’t like the draft of the script he got. That certainly matches up with Dan Aykroyd’s recent comments about him turning it down.

But is his throwaway “We’ll try again” comment cause for hope? Are him and Aykroyd still talking? Is he holding out for an absolute knockout script that can wipe away the sour taste Ghostbusters 2 left in his mouth? Or is he maybe just gonna do it for the fans?

This could all amount to nothing in the end, but if he does do the movie then that’s my ass in the seat.

Ghostbusters 3 will be released… probably never, I mean let’s face it.



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