Looks very interesting I think you’ll agree. I’m actually rooting for this film in a big way. I’m a big fan of 2000AD and the Judge Dredd character – and like many other fans was bitterly dissapointed at the Sylvester Stallone starring 1995 turkey.

This new version, made by Danny Boyle’s production company and directed by Pete Travis has a much lower production budget, but the fact that the script is by Alex Garland fills me with hope. I also quite like the idea of Karl Urban in the lead role.

Creator John Wagner has seen a rough cut of the movie and his response has been very positive. I’m hoping this will be a big sleeper hit for 2012. Judging from this pic, the violence of the comic book will remain intact.


I’ve really got my fingers crossed for this one. Roll on September.

Big thanks to JoBlo for publishing these pics.

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