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Toy-Story-movie-01For a few days now, a shaky cam version of the new Toy Story 3 trailer has been making the rounds and today Disney and Pixar finally released it in the wonderful quicktime format for the whole internet to see.

With Pixar once again returning to its routes, Andy has grown up and abandons Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang at a daycare to go off to college. They must then work together to break free from the careless and destructive children. Or at least, that’s what the footage suggests.

Computer animation has vastly improved in the 15 years since the original Toy Story launched Pixar into superstardom, making it one of the few studios to have hit a home run every single time they’ve made it to the plate. Granted, they only release one movie a year, but their animation and stories conquer that of the animation studios at Dreamworks and Fox.

Click here for the Quicktime version!

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