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La La Land Records

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is not only one of my favorite Jerry Goldsmith scores, but one of my favorite scores of all time. And finally, FINALLY, we have a proper release. I’ve always been in the minority, but I actually love The Motion Picture. Hell, it is one of my favorite Trek films. One of the main culprits, this wonderful score! “Illia’s Theme” is just amazing and  ”The Meld” is beautiful, extraordinary, and dangerous. And how can you forget the introduction to “The Enterprise?”Then there’s the main title march, which served as my ring tone for several years. My generation was practically raised on that theme, thanks to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Speaking of which, LLL is running a deal in which you can pick up their previous Next Gen release with $10 off if you purchase it with The Motion Picture. So now we just need expansions for Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis and we’ll have the complete series!

Paired up with Star Trek is another Goldsmith release! Warning Shot is a premiere release, limited to 2000 copies! This is a more obscure Goldsmith release compared to Star Trek, but any Goldsmith release is fine by me!


Starting with Henry Mancini’s Charade, Intrada has opened a new line of releases. As they have done with Disney, Intrada has partnered with Universal, which should means that great things are to come!

Their second release is yet another Mancini title, Hatari!, from the Howard Hawks film starring John Wayne.


James Newton Howard’s score for Snow White & the Huntsman is now available. I haven’t seen the film yet. The emotionless blinks of Kristen Stewart doesn’t exactly entice me into seeing it, but I’ve listened to a few tracks from this score, and it doesn’t seem too bad.


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