On a personal note, before I start this thing, I didn’t go see The Phantom Menace in 3D. While I admit that a part of me is curious if the 3D enhances the Star Wars experience, I probably won’t be inclined to experience it until Star Wars ’77 gets the treatment. Yes, I am a “Prequel Hater.” And yes, I have been to the Jedi Council Forums and I have participated in the Star Wars discussion on Blu Ray’s forums. […]

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‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ is a solid thriller, that much is certain. The film leaves you exhausted and dazzled. I won’t go into how faithful the movie is to its source material (mainly because I haven’t read the novel), nor will I compare it to the Swedish adaptation from 2009. This film deserves to be regarded as a separate entity. Stieg Larsson’s posthumously released ‘Millennium Trilogy’ was an enormous succes upon it’s release in 2005. In fact, it […]

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