The latest instalment in the long-running ‘Star Trek’ franchise has arrived. And much like it’s predecessor it’s a disarming and solid sci-fi adventure. The polar opposite of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’. Director JJ Abrams once again uses the charms of his cast to great effect. This, mixed with great special effects, fast-paced action and a dazzling score make ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ another winner for the new crew. The first film chronicled the devastation caused by a time traveling […]

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The Thompsons Twins (played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) have just left Tintin’s house. As inspectors, they are on the look out for a serial pickpocket. We’ve seen this sly kleptomaniac in full force to know this, and just like a ticking time bomb we know is about to go off,  they are victimized, only several steps away from Tintin’s residence. Close enough to see what is going on, oblivious and gullible Tintin not only lets the thief get […]

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This is the mission you should accept!

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